Meet Tamara Netzel and #CruelConsequences

Meet Tamara Netzel and #CruelConsequences

Meet my newest cannabud, Tamara Lyn Netzel.

Officially diagnosed with MS in 2013, Tamara worked with Virginia NORML to achieve a significant expansion of the state’s medical marijuana program to roll out next year. Listen to her national “coming out” on NBC’s Dateline — the evolution from law-abiding, D.A.R.E.-enforcing military spouse to cannabanoid crusader is an awe-inspiring story.

What’s even more remarkable about Tamara is the non-profit she formed — Cruel Consequences: Portraits of Misguided Law — to chronicle the cruelty surrounding criminal enforcement of misguided cannabis prohibition.

Building on organizations like Cage Free Cannabis and The Last Prisoner Project that tackle unjust incarceration, Cruel Consequences is showcasing the unfairnesses associated with criminalizing cannabis. These are stories of ancillary effects like loss of public housing, healthcare, insurance, licensure, employment, custody, and well you get the idea…

Listen to Tamara on a recent episode of the #CannabisHealsMe podcast, explaining how therapeutic success with cannabis led her to advocate for full legalization, and to push for measures that seek to heal the unfairness — I think you will understand why I am so excited to have connected with Tamara and her great project!

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